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TMG Defender

D. A-17 Dual (Gen IV heads)

D. A-17 Dual (Gen IV heads)

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The TMG A-17 Laser Defender Dual with Gen IV heads is a complete front only laser defending solution if you don’t face any variable pulse rate (VPR) guns in your area. Built on the legendary A-15 Laser Defender, the A-17 boasts quicker Bluetooth response, higher output Gen IV heads with 2 diodes each. Easier to install because all you need to do is run 1 wire through the firewall or have it professionally installed which is always recommended but not required. TMG updates their algorithms regularly as soon as a new gun hits the market so you’re always protected.

This package includes

- A-17 CPU X1

- Gen IV 2 Laser Diode Transponder X2

- Gen II VPR head X0

- Splitter Cable Short X1

- Single Cable Short X0

- Tester X1

- Power Cables and Accessories 

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